František Chaloupka is a composer born in Czechoslovakia in 1981. He composes mainly instrumental music and scores for classical instruments, chamber and symphony orchestras, operas or multimedia works. He is also sought out as an orchestrator, arranger and guitar player.

After finishing his studies of composition at the Janáček conservatory in Ostrava he went on to study a degree in Composition in the class of Martin Smolka at Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno in 2004 where he has finished his PhD. in composition in 2014. In 2006 he was also studying at Royal Conservatory in The Hague (The Netherlands) with Louis Andriessen, Clarence Barlow, Martijn Padding and Richard Ayres. From 2012 he studied at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien and California Institute of the Arts in 2013.

He participated in international courses for composers and percussionists in Trstěnice 2004 and 2005 and was given scholarship for both international festival Ostrava Days of New Music 2005 and 2007. In 2007 and 2009 the festival premiered his orchestral pieces An Ancient Calligraphy (2007) and Smooth The Heavens (2009).

In May 2011 he was invited to Frankfurt for a workshop with the world famous Ensemble Modern (Frank Zappa, Heiner Goebbles, etc.) and conductor-composer Peter Eötvös. Within the project „Myths-Nation-Identities“ he composed a piece called Mašín Gun (Seven Rituals for purging the Czech Lands from the Spirit of Communism) premiered by Ensemble Modern and Peter Eötvös at Musica Viva festival in Munich in 2012. The concert was recorded and broadcasted live at Munich Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk).

In April 2011 he founded Dunami Ensemble and performed his opera-installation Eve and Lilith at NODO festival New Opera Days of Ostrava 2012. Ensemble consist of recognized Czech jazz, classical and experimental music players composers and improvisators. In 2016 Dunami Ensemble performed another opera-installation composed by Chaloupka called Chata v Jezerní kotlině at festival Music Olomouc. The piece is scored for saxophone quartett and two boy sopranos.

In 2016 a 2-CD under the label of K.I. Records album „František Chaloupka: Selected Works 2006–2015“ was released. It includes chamber and orchestra pieces performed by internationally recognized artists and ensembles.

In 2014 he founded Kytarový Institut (Guitar Institute), a creative environment and private school for guitar-type instruments, composition and improvisation in Czech Republic.

As a guitarist he is sought out also as a studio recording player and was performing live with rock bands as well as classical symphony orchestras. Under the pseudonym Iszek Baraque he produces conceptual rock albums and songs. In 2006 he founded a band Koistinen, their debut album Fisher was co-produced by Czech rock star David Koller. Chaloupka arranged Kollers songs for symphony orchestra for him. In 2018 he released eponymous solo album „Iszek Baraque“. He worked also with Michal Pavlíček, Vladivojna La Chia, multimedia artist Panáčik, organist Kateřina KATTA Chroboková, actresses Erika Stárková, Veronika Žilková and other various artists.

His pieces were commissioned and performed by internationally renowed musicians and ensembles e.g . New Century Players Los Angeles, Ensemble Modern & Péter Eötwös, Janáček philharmony, Prague Modern, IEMA International Ensemble Modern Academy, BERG Orchestra, Trio Accanto, Aleph gitarrenquartett, South Bohemian philharmony, Hradec Králové philharmony, VENI Academy, conductors Peter Öorwös, Lucas Vis, Anu Tali, Aleš Kománek, Pavel Šnajdr, Peter Vrábl, performer Kateřina KATTA Chroboková and others.


  • Janáček conservatory in Ostrava (2000–2004; graduate in composition; awarded recognition by the headmaster for the final composition)
  • Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (2004–2009; composition under the leadership of prof. Martin Smolka; MgA.degree, diploma thesis “Phenomenon of Electric Guitar in Artificial Music of the Twentieth Century“; composition “Naklonit si Nebesa“ [“Smooth the Heaven“] for large orchestra)
  • Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (PhD. degree in 2014; doctoral diploma: Theory and practise of contemporary music ensembles influenced by authoral personas)
  • 2007 and 2012 – Scholarship from Nadace Český hudební fond


  • Royal Conservatory in the Hague (2006; composition with Louis Andriessen, Martijn Padding, Richard Ayeres, Clarence Barlow, Diderik Wagenar a nd Gilius van Bergeijk)
  • Academy of Arts Bánská Bystrica (Erasmus 2011, October 2011-February 2012; Theory of composition and Orchestration teacher)
  • Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien (March 2012-June 2012; composition with prof. Detlev Müller-Siemens)
  • California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, 2013; composition with David Rosenboom, Ulrich Krieger, Wolfgang Von Schweinitz)

Compositional courses and workshops

  • International courses for composers and percussionists Trstěnice 2004, 2005
  • Ostrava Days of New Music 2005 (scholarship; performed piece “Music for Five“; Louis Andriessen, Rebecca Saunders, Martin Smolka among others.)
  • Ostrava Days of New Music 2007 (scholarship; performed piece “An Ancient Calligraphy“ for large orchestra, two harps, two vibraphones and harmonium; Kaija Saariaho, Alvin Lucier, Christian Wolff, Phil Niblock, Petr Kotík and conducter Zsolt Nagy)
  • David Rosenboom (California Institute of Arts)
  • The Myths Workshop with Ensemble Modern a Peter Eötvös in Franfurt (Fri – Mon, 27th – 30st May)

Conference and lectures

  • International Conference Musica Nova – Aleatoric Principles and Graphic Notation

(3rd of November 2011, Brno, Czech Republic)

Selection of compositions

  • Digital´aria (2001; piano)
  • Music for 5 (2004; flute, english horn, clarinet/saxophone, bassclarinet, vi­ola)
  • Erratic Matter (2005; alto saxophone, e guitar, cimbalom, vibraphone, prep. piano, accordion)
  • Canto Paradiso (2005; for The Barefooted Orchestra; 2 recorders, soprano, bariton, piano, e piano, keyboard, african drums, bongos)
  • Orestes by Euripides (2006; classical wind quintet)
  • Slunce z Východní kolébky (2006; e guitar, vibraphone, piano)
  • Unspeakably Much (2007; oboe, basson, e guitar)
  • An Ancient Calligraphy (2007; for large orchestra, two harps, two vibraphones and harmonium)
  • Naklonit si Nebesa (Smooth the Heaven, 2009; for large orchestra)
  • Dunami (2010; clarinet, soprano saxophone, e guitar)
  • Mount.(never) rests (2010; for Prague Modern; flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, harp, amplified guitar, violin, cello)
  • LISTEN (2010; for Konvergence Ensemble; clarinet, guitar, piano, viola, cello, double-bass) Konvergence
  • The Book of Sand (May 2011; for Dunami Ensemble; e guitar 1, e guitar 2, accordion, vibraphone, soprano saxophone, clarinet)
  • Oxytocine Mother Earth (September 2011; for Oxbridge Singers, premiere 11.11. 2011 at Wien Modern festival)
  • Eve and Lilith [chamber opera/installation for Dunami Ensemble; New Opera Days of Ostrava 2012]
  • The Book Of Earth (March 2012; for Orchestr Berg, con. Peter Vrábel, premiere 10.4. 2012, Galerie DOX, Praha)
  • Mašín Gun [Seven Rituals for purging the Czech Lands from the Spirit of Communism]for Ensemble Modern [2012; conducted by Peter Eotwos, Munich, Germany]
  • Variations for large ensemble (2013; for New Century Players Los Angeles)
  • Allegory of the Cave for large orchestra (2013)
  • Kairos whispering for amplified trio (2013; for Trio Accanto)
  • Colour Music for two electric guitars (2014)
  • A Roll Of A Dice Will Never Abolish Chance (2014; open score for BERG Orchestra)
  • Stockhausen On Sirius (2015, for IEMA Ensemble)
  • Zatímco krajina se chvěla v mokré kápi (2015; for amplified four-handed piano)
  • KRABAT /Der Lehrling eines Zaubermeisters/ (2015)
  • Chata v Jezerní kotlině (2016; opera-instalation for Dunami Ensemble, festival MusicOlomouc 2017)
  • Sonata for flute & loopers (2017; for amplified flute; for Lenka Kozderková)
  • Guitar Quartet No. 1 „Aleph“ (2017; for Aleph Guitarrenquartett)
  • Lilith Aria (2017; for soprano and classical guitar)
  • Piano trio „Solaris“ (2018, for ensemble Solaris3)
  • Allegory of the Cave for mixed choir (2018, Prague Singers)
  • Piano trio No. 1 "Solaris" (2018)
  • Guitar Quartet No. 2 (2018)
  • Eve Aria (2018; for soprano and classical guitar)
  • To A Xylophony of Obscene Over the Consciousness in Agony (2018; for chamber ensemble)
  • Good Luck (2019, for viola, two cellos & siren)
  • Noosphere (2020; site-specific for two ice-cream cars, fountaine & the dancers)


  • Soozvuk Ensemble (2006, Music for Five)
  • Janáček Philharmony Ostrava (2007, “An Ancient Calligraphy“ for large orchestra, two harps, two vibraphones and harmonium, conductor Petr Kotík)
  • Moravian Philharmony Olomouc (2007, “An Ancient Calligraphy“ for large orchestra, two harps, two vibraphones and harmonium, conductor Martin Buchta)
  • Moravian Philharmony Olomouc (2009, “Smooth the Heaven“ for large orchestra, conductor Gabriel Rovňák)
  • Janáček Philharmony Ostrava (2009, “Smooth the Heaven“ for large orchestra, conductor Petr Kotík)
  • Konvergence (Prague)
  • Philharmony of Hradec Králové (2011, “Smooth the Heaven“ for large orchestra, conductor Valentina Shuklina)
  • VENI Ensemble (2011, The Book of Water, The Book of Sand)
  • Oxbridge Singers (2011, Oxytocine Mother Earth)
  • Orchestr Berg (2012, The Book Of Earth)
  • Dunami Ensemble[‚Duna­mi‘,‚The Book Of Sand‘, ‚The Book Of Earth‘, ‚The Book Of Pendulum‘, ‚Eva a Lilith‘ opera-instalace.]
  • Ensemble Modern [2012; Mašín Gun, Seven Rituals for purging the Czech Lands from the Spirit of Communism]
  • New Century Players Los Angeles [2013; Variations for large ensemble]
  • Trio Accanto (2013, Kairos whispering)
  • International Ensemble Modern Academy
  • Aleph Gitarrenquartett
  • Solaris3
  • Prague Singers Choir

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