The Sell Out / Zaprodanec

opera about organization

for soloists, choir, orchestra & live cinema

“Pay attention, One Essential!”John is a Pilot, Teacher of mankind, his intentions are pure. He works for AMOS which prompts him to update his "Pan-Application". He can't refuse, he has to save mankind from confusion. The plot takes place in modern days, we are watching characters, descendants of noble ideas, struggling with the daily pitfalls of an even more complicated system.

Opera is loosely inspired by the work of John Comenius (1592-1670), the icon of Czech culture, the "teacher of nations", who laid the foundations of didactics used in the contemporary educational system. He advocated and basically invented the "school as a game" approach and called for system simplification of an overcomplicated world. Ironically, his textbooks and spiritual writings were sponsored mainly by Swedish military industry and count De Geer.

The main language of the opera is English.

Durata: 110 min.

Premiere performance team:

Music & libretto: František Chaloupka

Conductor: Bruno Ferrandis 

Director, stage design: Rocc 

Live Cinema: Tomáš Hlaváček

Dramaturge: Petr Jan Kryštof

Choirmaster: Jurij Galatenko

Choir: Canticum Ostrava

Orchestra: Ostravská banda

Premiere: June 27 2024, Festival NODO New Opera Days Of Ostrava 2024, Divadlo Antonína Dvořáka