Early Pieces for Keyboard Instruments (2000-2005)

for piano, organ and other keyboard instruments

"Digital´aria" (2000/1)

"Fughetta" (2002)

"Per Organum" (2003)

"The Sunflower" (2005)

Four study pieces for piano and organ written mostly during my pre-conservatory and conservatory years in 2000-2004. I didn't originally plan to release these recordings and these compositions weren't even listed in catalog of my works until 2023.

"Fughetta & Digital´aria" can be perceived in a similar relationship as baroque preludium and fuga, but they can also be played separately as an independent pieces.

"The Sunflower" for piano was written together with 5 other compositions and recordings for the Czech graphic designer Radim Peško. These pieces were inspired by a small sample of whistling, a small song or a noisy structure Radime always sent me in advance. These pieces were composed and recorded for the occasion of exhibitions and coexistence with the visual component. These compositions are called Peško Themes 1.-6.

As same as "Spectral Waltzers No. 1.-3." for piano, organ or any other keyboard instruments (2022) also this early pieces can be played on any other keyboard instrument and in different (historical or modern) tunings ad libitum.